When Rodney gets hit on the head at work, goes into a coma he wakes up gay. Not remembering anything about his life and has to be reminded about who he is and how many children he has. This is a comedy love story about a young couple that gets married at a very young age and gradually their life begins to get boring. 5 kids and 5 years later Rodney gets hit over the head at work at his construction job and goes into a coma. A little while later he wakes up a gay man. He’s more enjoyable to be around. They go places together, laugh together and have so much fun, except the sex isn’t there until his wife has to force him into submission. Wait until you find out what happens next.
When Bob gets fired from his security job because he was caught sleeping and wakes up a white man all hell brake’s loose. The car dealership gets robbed, he goes to jail and a series of other mishaps happen to him. Success doesn’t come easy for Bob. When he went to sleep he was a black man, how did this happen? Bob doesn’t ask another questions because he's now able to get a good paying job, have the finest things, and get treated real well, but he goes through hell and high water to get there. How is he going to explain this to his wife? Was He dreaming or was this for real. Find out for yourself.
Maximillion is a player and when he losses the love of his life, he does anything to get her back including turn himself black. He is a high powered advertising executive in Manhattan. His goes to Harlem to market a new product. When Max gets to Harlem there are more black people that he can count and he sticks out like a sore thumb. They are all ditty bopping, so max tries ditty bop unsuccessfully. “Look mom, that man is walking funny.” The boy says “Don’t point honey.” His momma says and they walk. Max is in love. He hires a Jamaican gay guy to help him discover his blackness. He must sit under the suntanning machine daily & apply suntanning lotion or he will turn white again. Nappy relaxer keeps his hair nappy. He takes a job as a Janitor and gets a date with her. She seduces him and he spends the night. The next morning she wakes up with a white man in her bed and all hell breaks loose. You go Max!
This is a book of the soundtrak "Street Life" which is composed of negro spiritual songs in 3 part harmony some with and some without music, and original poetry which is recited over the backdrop of poetry and dance to create emotion to teach and illuminate audiences with socially relevant material using gospel, song, poetry, dance and narrative.