Norman's Revenge

Sylvia Black

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214 pages   (6 x 9)

You haven't read anything until you have read “Norman's Revenge”. Psycho touched on the subject. Bates Motel was delicate. In Norman's Revenge this is a story of lust, love, betrayal murder and revenge. Nobody knew what happened to Norman to make him so psycho now you can find out for yourself.

The story starts with Norma in the hospital having her baby boy which is a result of her father raping Norma repeatedly. Norma's father is a drunk and he killed Norma's mother and he got away with it.
When Norma comes home from the hospital her father rapes her again resulting in a second pregnancy. Out of madness Norma kills her father and burns his dead body to ashes. Now she takes over the hotel free and clear.

Norman's nosy aunts come snooping around the hotel to see how well the hotel is doing. They claiming the hotel belongs to them without their brother around, The old saying is true nosy people don't live long.

Norman grows up wanting to satisfy his mothers every need and does just that. She can't get enough of him and he can't get enough of her. He's quiet and soft spoken though. Quite the opposite of his loud mouth, demanding mother. Norman's little brother Nick is also quiet.

Norma meets a man and starts to ignore Norman. All her other boyfriends disappeared because Norman wanted them to. Nobody was going to come between him and his mother. Not ever.

But it's not until Norman and Nick start their new school year that the boys start picking on them. Norman accidentally kills them in the bathroom where he was pinned up against the wall, and scared to death.

Now Norman has to disappear until this dies down otherwise Norman will go to prison for the rest of his life. And Norman's possessive mother can't have that.

So Norma enrolls Norman in an all girl's school. Here he also meets Rashad and falls in love.
After a series of incidents beyond Norman's control Norman goes on a killing spree with the help of his lover Rashad. One by one each of them who hurt Norman are eliminated. Nobody who ever hurt, used or abused Norman including his beloved mother who betrayed him love. will not survive Norman's Revenge.

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